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Our Story

With a long standing reputation for providing high quality, timely deliverables we are well placed with a strong team to help make your project an environmental success.


BOOBOOK has been in business since the year 2000, with a passionate team who have over 60 years combined ecology experience.  Our work contributes significantly to the expansion of scientific understanding and good environmental decision making.


Flora and fauna surveys, rare and threatened species searches, ecological impact assessments and fauna spotting catching are some of the specialised services we provide.


As trusted native flora and fauna experts we are known for our reliable and accurate information, strong work ethic and quality reporting.


Since our inception we have continually worked with major coal seam gas, mining and construction companies.  Besides our quality on-ground work and reporting we have also been the company of choice for technical advice to take part in meetings with federal government permitting officials.


We work with the agricultural industry, government sector and natural resource management groups on a range of projects from roadside vegetation assessments, biodiversity surveys, property mapping, threatened fauna, protected plant and weed surveys.


Easily accessible, we are located at Roma Queensland, within a one hour flight from Brisbane, the gateway to the rest of Australia and beyond.


Our specialised personnel are skilled and experienced in all aspects of ecology especially species identification, vegetation assessments, trapping and handling of native wildlife, reporting/mapping and planning.


We have ecological experience throughout Australia, an in-depth knowledge of the Brigalow Belt region and Surat / Bowen Basins along with an impeccable safety record.


We’re only a phone call or email away.  Make contact today.

Craig Eddie, Director & Principal Ecologist

Nicknamed the “Harry Butler of the Southwest” Craig’s knowledge of ecosystems and wildlife (plants and animals) within the Surat Basin is unsurpassed.


He has spent many hours in the field recording information; he sits on a range of technical review panels and is called upon by many leading companies to regularly conduct peer technical reviews.


Craig is also an Australian expert on Land Snails, a mollusc enthusiast and the author of the highly regarded publication “Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs of Eastern Queensland Oil and Gas Fields”.

Our Achievements

  • Over 18 years in business.
  • Successfully completed over 700 ecological assessments for mining and construction industries, agriculture and government sectors in the last seven years.
  • Safely captured and relocated 1000’s of native animals from numerous construction sites.
  • Discovered six new plant species and over 50 new species of land snails.
  • Undertaken numerous research projects, including on the Critically Endangered White-throated Snapping Turtle and Vulnerable Yakka Skink and Dunmall’s Snake.
  • Recorded hundreds of new distribution records for native plants and animals.

What We Do

Your go to for ecological assessments

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Over 700 projects under our belt

Our Team

Over 60 years collective experience