St John's gets a Helping Hand on Schools Tree Day


Sunday 28th July 2013 was National Tree Day and its always a great time to get out into the outdoors and give our environment a helping hand. Friday 26th July 2013 was Schools Tree Day and Rose Aisthorpe, BOOBOOK's Botanist was on hand to help the young ones from St John's school to get their hands dirty by planting some native trees and shrubs and to offer some guidance. No doubt the school grounds will be looking and feeling much better for your efforts kids!


Lake Neverfill Birdwatching List

Check out the Bird Species List from the morning of the birdwatching tour, Friday 24th May 2013, at Lake Neverfill here Bird list.pdf


BOOBOOK in the News

Check out the BOOBOOK Birdwatching Tour article as it appear in the Western Star newspaper on Tuesday, 28th May, 2013.

Birdwatching Western Star article.jpg


Birdwatching Tour

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Keen birdwatchers gathered at Lake Neverfill 5km east of Roma on the Warrego HIghway to attend the Birdwatching Tour organised by BOOBOOK on Friday, 24th May 2013.


After a night of rain the morning started clear and crisp as the sun rose.  The morning was led by BOOBOOK'S Principal Ecologist, Craig as well as Senior Ecologist Richard, Fauna Spotter Dave and Field Assistant Ange all in attendance to assist the birdwatchers present.


A total of 42 different bird species were spotted.  Lake Neverfill is a great spot for anyone keen on a spot of bird watching.  A dingo was also spotted. 




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