Another successful Good Friday Walk on the Wild side!

Another successful Good Friday Walk on the Wild side!

Hosted by the Roma Bush Gardens committee and BOOBOOK staff as guides, the fourth Walk on the Wild side was held on Good Friday this year as part of the Easter in the Country celebrations once again followed by a pancake and billy tea breakfast.

The 7am walk saw around twenty ‘early birds’ take part and was also when the birds were most active. The second walk saw around ten people in attendance. Approximately thirty species of birds were recorded during the walks with an additional bird added to the Roma Bush Gardens Fauna Checklist this year, a White-throated Gerygone. Not as many waterbirds were seen as previous years but those spotted included a Pelican, four species of duck, Eurasian Coot and Dusky Moorhen. A number of smaller birds were active and spotted during the early walk such as Plum-headed Finch, Zebra Finch, Weebill, Grey Fantail, Superb Fairy-wren, Variegated Fairy-wren, Red-rumped Parrot, Sacred Kingfisher and for those with keen eyes Brown Honeyeater, Australian Reed-warbler and Golden-headed Cisticola. The kids had a great time using ipads provided by Judith Symonds from Maranoa Landcare. They were able to search the ipad for birds spotted and listen to their calls using a pre-installed bird field guide app.

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