Do you love native birds?

Have you tried attracting them to your garden?

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One family in Roma have gone that little bit further by placing nesting boxes in native trees in their yard to try to encourage them to nest and have been successful!

At present a pair of Eastern Rosella's are nesting in their backyard. Rainbow Lorikeets have also taken up residence in another nesting box and at least two others are currently occupied with Ringtail Possums, a male possum in one and a mother and her baby in another. The nesting boxes have been in place for about twelve months, just missing the mating season last year, but this year several native species have made them their home.

A lot of research, time and effort has gone into setting up the nesting boxes and BOOBOOK were only too happy to provide information to assist with this fantastic project.

If you would like more information on how to set-up nesting boxes in your garden or where to purchase them please give the BOOBOOK office a call and we can provide you with this information.

This is just one image of the nesting boxes erected. For more images visit and like the BOOBOOK facebook page by following this link

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