Spring Is In The Air

Springtime Flowers

IMG 46905 Swainsona queenslandicaOver the last few months you may have already noticed how colourful the roadsides have become as the local wattles flower in all shades of yellow from lemon to gold.

The wattles mark the beginning of the warmer seasons, giving way to more colour with splashes of blue, yellow, pink, red, white, purple and all colours in between. Spring is a great time to take a drive or walk to explore the diversity our district has to offer. Great places to go wildflower hunting include national parks, state forests, stock route reserves or if you are lucky enough to have your own block of land.


Apart from wattles, other wildflowers commonly seen include bluebells, darling peas, eremophilas, lilies, everlasting daisies, hopbushes and goodenias. This list is not exhaustive of what the Maranoa district has to offer, so keep an eye out for plants in flower along the ground, up in the tree canopy and in between.


One of the most showiest groups of flowering plants are the peas which vary in colour, size and habit. The bright pink darling peas are quite conspicuous amongst the dull grass. In total there are 12 species of darling pea (Swainson spp.) recorded in the Maranoa pastoral district (QLD herbarium 2010). One of these is threatened, the Murray darling pea (Swainsona murrayana) and is protected by federal legislation. Darling peas common in the local area include the smooth darling peas (Swainsona galegifolia and S. queenslandica).


Don’t worry if you have missed seeing the early wildflowers because there is more yet to come as the weather warms up.


Spring is also a great time to get involved in the garden when plants are growing actively.

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Pictured is Swainsona queenslandica.


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