Busby, the rescued Swamp Wallaby




Busby, the rescued Swamp Wallaby


At the end of July, Ange and Craig were travelling to a job near Injune, when they came across a very young swamp wallaby on the side of the road.  The joey had been ejected from the pouch of its mother who had been killed by a vehicle.  Affectionately named Busby (after the band Busby Marou who were playing on the radio at the time), he went home to be cared for by Ange. 


Busby’s outlook was bleak; he was cold and stressed when found and had some nasty wounds all over him, particularly his tail.  Ange took him to the vets where he weighed in at only 600 grams!  He was prescribed antibiotics, but because of his tiny size the dose had to be split into 7 injections of 0.6ml!


But this little joey was a featherweight fighter.  After the first 24 hours, Busby was drinking about 10ml of marsupial formula regularly throughout the day.  By the middle of the week this had increased to 15 - 20ml, four times a day (including once a night at about 2am, which Ange really appreciated).   He even met Paddy the bettong in care, although Paddy was none too fond of Busby and promptly bit him!


Seven days after rescuing Busby, it was time for him to go to a full time macropod carer.  By this stage, Busby had developed a little personality – none too fond of getting out of the pouch (he was still wobbly on his legs), but did like to sit on Ange’s lap while she worked to survey his surrounds!


These photos are from his last day before moving on from Ange’s care, as you can see he was quite an endearing little critter!





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