Terry the Galah



Terry the Galah


Last week a worker brought in a Galah that was being attacked by crows near Wallumbilla. The Galah, named Terry, was in a pretty good condition (although he had lost his tail feathers to the crows) so we decided he should go for a weekend of R&R with Ryan the GIS officer. 


What was noticed about Terry’s behaviour was how comfortable he was around humans – welcoming anyone who walked in the door and enjoying a scratch on the back of the head. We believe that Terry may have been a raised in the care of someone and had either been released or escaped from care.


It is important to remember that Galahs are a native animal and you can only have one in your care if you are a licensed wildlife carer. Unfortunately, when a hand raised animal is released into the wild without the proper preparation for survival, they may gravitate to human habitation or potentially die because they aren’t equipped to survive in the wild.


However Terry does have a happy ending. He was released yesterday, spending a few minutes saying thankyou to Ryan for the care – that is until a small flock of birds flew overhead! Terry eagerly took to the skies to join the group.


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In early September, Richard – Boobook’s Senior Ecologist – was called out to a house in Roma to rescue some baby parrots.  A tree had been knocked down and inside one of the hollows were 3 newly hatched Red-rumped Parrots (Psephotus haematonotus).  Survival rates for nestlings is not great for numerous reasons, so if you find a young bird it is best to get the bird back to the nest so that the parents can take care of it.  However, with these little guys, their home had been destroyed so their only hope of survival was to go home with Richard to be hand raised.