Colouring Pages


Are the kids looking for something to do while travelling?  Why not download one of BOOBOOK's colouring-in sheets.

Choose from a flower, frog, turtle or lorikeet.  Make them as colourful as you like!

BOOBOOK would love to see some of your finished works of art!


flower Waterlily.pdf frog  Waterholding Frog.pdf turtle Turtle.pdf
 lorikeet  Lorikeet.pdf        



Thank you to Louise Saunders and Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld Inc. for allowing BOOBOOK to upload the following colouring pages.  

We hope you will enjoy colouring these wonderful images!  Louise has also provided us with a word find & bat mask activity you will find under our Activity Sheets section.


colouring in sheet0001 Flying Foxes.pdf  Come Fly With Me  Come fly with me!.pdf  KIDSWETLANDPict0001  Kids wetland.pdf
 healthy ecosystem  Healthy ecosystem.pdf