Ecological Services


BOOBOOK's ecologists can help with the following ecological services:

  • IMG 37886 compressedEcological Impact Assessments. BOOBOOK has over 13 years of experience identifying ecological impacts for small and large infrastructure / construction projects, ranging from new roads / road upgrades to gas wells, ponds, camps, gas plants and pipelines.
  • Fauna and Flora Surveys. We undertake surveys for all terrestrial vertebrate groups including birds, amphibians, reptiles, bats, other mammals and some invertebrate groups such as land snails and butterflies. We have specialist knowledge of the flora of southern inland Queensland, especially from the Brigalow Belt and Mulga Lands regions.
  • Threatened Species Searches. BOOBOOK has specialist local knowledge that allows you to identify all relevant threatened species likely to be present in an area, regardless of seasonal factors or unusual local conditions that would make them difficult to detect.
  • Specialist Species Searches. BOOBOOK staff have specialist knowledge for groups such as Brigalow Belt flora, reptiles and land snails.
  • Fauna Spotting and Habitat Management. Our fauna spotters / catchers are able to capture and relocate wildlife and assist in the identification and flagging of important habitat types/features, animal breeding and shelter sites.
  • Conservation Assessment on Farms and Private Property. We have helped landholders identify the key environmental values on their property such as vegetation types, fauna species and important habitats, wetlands and springs.
  • Weed Surveys. Whether you want a weed in the garden or paddock identified, or weeds mapped and surveyed or monitored, we can assist. We have experience with the identification of urban, agricultural and environmental weeds throughout Queensland and have a weed photo library useful for publications and presentations.
  • Environmental Training. BOOBOOK has been involved in a number of information days and workshops, and continues to be invited as guest speakers to provide technical information on local species and habitats.


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