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Part of our ethos at BOOBOOK is to share our knowledge and experience of native plants and animals found within the Surat / Bowen Basins. We aim to accomplish this with the least cost to you as possible. Should you choose to purchase a yearly subcription to access our Plant Image Library and other ecological field resources, your contribution will be put towards maintaining and updating this members site. So if you find this site useful, please tell your friends and colleagues so we can make it bigger and better for all to use.  In addition, let us know what other resources may be of assistance to you, so we can consider adding these as well.


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  • Field Guides for local areas in the Surat / Bowen Basins - get access to detailed field guides for locally significant biological areas in the Surat / Bowen Basins.  Current guides include the Beranga Reserve located northeast of Surat and the Roma Bush Gardens Flora and Fauna Guide.  Keep an eye out as we continue to add new resources.  
  • Interesting Places to See – get an ecologist’s insider view on the most amazing places to visit in the Surat / Bowen Basins.  These fact sheets provide information on facilities and a list of native plants and animals you may encounter during your visit.  Ideal for tourists, and locals alike.



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  • Plant Image Library - Over 250 species of plants found in the Surat / Bowen Basins.  Each plant has a number of images showcasing their identifiable features such as leaves, flowers, fruit and bark. 

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  • RE Profiles - Helpful illustrated descriptions of Regional Ecosystems (RE's) found in the Surat / Bowen Basins.
  • Type A Restricted Plants found in the Surat Basin & Bowen Basins
  • Species Profiles