Our Experience

With over 60 years of combined staff experience you will get it right with BOOBOOK.

BOOBOOK’s ecologists provide accurate and professional advice on the flora, fauna and ecosystems within defined project areas.


We identify site ecological values, potential constraints and develop recommendations to help companies and property owners meet or exceed your legislative conditions for developments.

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  • Successfully completed over 700 ecological projects in the last 7 years, including 500 individual assessments for infrastructure projects such as coal seam gas wells, seismic lines, gas transmission pipelines, quarries, communication towers, power lines, roads and dams.
  • Undertaken numerous property vegetation assessments, whole-of-property biodiversity surveys and weed surveys for landholders and managers.
  • High rates of threatened species detection.
  • Discovery of over 50 new species of land snails.
  • Discovered six new species of plants.
  • Successfully and safely captured and relocated thousands of animals from well over 500 construction sites, including pipelines.
  • Our senior staff are members of threatened species recovery teams and panels of technical experts relating to state-wide conservation planning.
  • Due to our experience BOOBOOK is often asked to provide third party technical and peer reviews for our clients.
  • Safely delivered numerous field surveys and provided high quality reports to support internal decision making as well as secure regulatory approvals through both State and Commonwealth regulatory authorities.
  • Known for our reliable and accurate information, strong work ethic and quality reporting.
  • Skilled in completing surveys in remote areas with difficult logistics.

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