Fauna Spotters (Fauna Spotter Catcher Services)


IMG 42012 LowresBOOBOOK Fauna Spotters / Catchers are trained professionals who identify, capture and relocate native wildlife from construction and other work sites. 

BOOBOOK Fauna Spotters / Catchers are also able to provide advice regarding methods to reduce impacts of clearing on wildlife at a site, as well as what to do with animals that may be injured or orphaned during clearing and construction activities.

BOOBOOK's Fauna Spotter / Catcher services include:

  • Site checks to determine potential fauna habitat issues
  • Flagging of habitat trees and logs
  • Searches for visible arboreal fauna eg. active nest sites
  • Searches for fauna before and during clearing operations
  • Capture and relocation of fauna during clearing
  • Preparation of a comphrensive report upon conclusion of the job that details all fauna seen, captured and translocated.
  • Supply of tabulated capture returns for the purpose of meeting regulatory approvals.

We have a very passionate team of fauna spotters. Combined with their strong local knowledge, this allows us to provide you with a more thorough fauna spotter and capture service, and more detail about potential fauna issues.

We also work carefully around your team to minimise any impact on your workflow.  Safety is our first priority.  We carry our own PPE and recovery gear, value our Job Safety Analyses and conduct daily toolbox meetings to discuss the work program, environment and potential hazards with all involved in the task.

Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you. 

Strophurus williamsi (Soft-spined Gecko)


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