All proceeds from canvas prints and postcards will be used to support one of three programs.

  • Threatened Flora and Fauna Research – increasing knowledge of the distribution, abundance and habitat of threatened species in southern inland Queensland, particularly in the Brigalow Belt and Mulga Lands regions.  Examples include the endangered daisies Cymbonotus maidenii and Red-soil Wrinklewort Rutidosis lanata and the vulnerable Yakka Skink Egernia rugosa.   

  • Biodiversity Surveys – many remote areas of western Queensland have never been formally surveyed for their wildlife and other biodiversity values.  Our surveys will concentrate on documenting fauna, flora and significant habitats such as springs and vine thickets.  Target areas for the next two years include Mt. Hutton (West of Injune) and parts of the Expedition and Carnarvon Ranges.

  • Maranoa Wildlife Carer Support – help set up a wildlife caring facility, provide training for carers and support the purchase of food and other supplies required for native animals in care.


Help us to protect our natural environment through building on and sharing local knowledge of our native ecosystems and protecting our native species.

Click on the canvas prints or postcards to view their images and descriptions. The canvas images will be printed by ROC Canvas Prints.  If you would like further information about ROC Canvas Prints please go to our links page and click on the link to be directed to their site.