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“With a strong team they are professional and experienced in delivering ecological services. The quality of their work and their delivery timeframes can be relied upon. BOOBOOK have safely delivered considerable field surveys and provided high quality reports to support internal decision making as well as secure regulatory approvals through both State and Commonwealth regulatory authorities.”

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Coal Seam Gas, Mining and Construction Industries

BOOBOOK works with the coal seam gas, mining and construction industries to deliver certainty regarding environmental constraints and opportunities. Our experience includes:

  • Ecological impact assessments for over 700 individual infrastructure sites
  • Numerous whole-of-tenement ecological assessments
  • Species-specific flora and fauna habitat assessments
  • Inventory of biodiversity values for potential offset properties
  • Input and review of planning methodologies and documents
  • Fauna spotting and relocation services during construction

Our ecologists have undertaken ecological impact assessments of proposed gas wells, water storage facilities, laydown yards, roads, pipelines, access tracks, communication towers and gas plants for the coal seam gas industry, including major companies such as Origin, Santos, Senex and Arrow. We have been engaged directly by these companies as well as their contractors like CPB Contractors, Murphy Pipe and Civil, Downer, Decmil, RBY and FK Gardner.


A few examples of the Coal Seam Gas infrastructure assessment projects BOOBOOK have undertaken include:

  • Pre-clearance surveys for threatened species and weeds for GLNG gas transmission pipeline
  • Property-wide or infrastructure-specific ecology and pre-clearance surveys for coal seam gas infrastructure sites for Origin Energy and the Australia Pacific LNG project area including the Spring Gully, Condabri, Talinga, Orana, Dalwogan and Gilbert Gully tenements
  • Ecological assessment of the Eurombah Reedy Creek Interconnect pipeline for Origin Energy
  • Numerous property-wide and infrastructure surveys for Santos and the GLNG coal seam gas project areas including the Roma, Fairview, Arcadia, Denison and Scotia tenements
  • Ecology surveys for the Senex Western Surat Basin Gas Project (WSGP)


The types of activities we’ve been responsible for include:

  • identifying and mapping threatened ecological communities, regional ecosystems, threatened flora and fauna, pest flora and fauna, and assessments of watercourses, wetlands and springs;
  • conducting targeted flora and fauna surveys, weed surveys, ecological impact assessments and pre-clearance surveys;
  • property-wide biodiversity offset assessments;
  • identifying and mapping threatened species and their habitat;
  • technical reviews of Environmental Impact Statements and threatened flora / fauna habitat modelling
  • fauna spotting-catching


Our Fauna Spotters have worked on over 500 infrastructure sites associated with Australia Pacific LNG, GLNG, Senex and Arrow Energy’s coal seam gas fields in Queensland’s Surat Basin. Significant projects have included the

  • Santos CRWP Loop gas transmission pipeline (Wallumbilla – Fairview)
  • Santos Fairview and Roma East development areas
  • Petroleum lease sites in Queensland’s Eromanga-Cooper Basin
  • Phase 1 and 2 of the Senex Western Surat Gas Project
  • Australia Pacific LNG Gilbert Gully project area
  • Arrow Energy’s Tipton, Daandine and Hopelands project areas

Agricultural Sector

BOOBOOK works with land owners and managers to provide:


Private Property Biodiversity Surveys:
  • Identification of flora, fauna and regional ecosystems types / vegetation communities
  • Documentation of wetlands and springs
  • Reporting on and mapping findings to assist with property management and project funding
  • Development of management recommendations
Protected Plant Surveys
  • Threatened flora surveys within areas of ‘Blue Circles’ on High Risk Flora Survey Trigger maps
  • Preparation of reports for submission to government for permitting purposes
Weed Surveys
  • Baseline surveys
  • Mapping of the extent of individual weeds
  • Pre- and post-construction weed surveys
Property Map of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV) assessments
  • Desktop and field assessments associated with state government regional ecosystem mapping
  • Preparation of reports and associated mapping and spatial data for submission to government to support PMAV applications
Property Mapping
  • Preparation of property maps showing roads, tracks, trails, fence lines, dams, bores, stock yards and other property infrastructure

State Government

BOOBOOK’s ecologists have worked on numerous transport (e.g. road, rail) projects for both state and local government. In particular, our experience with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) spans almost two decades.

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Boobook has documented the flora and fauna values of the vegetation remnants found within all state-controlled roads in southwest Queensland.

We have undertaken ecological surveys along every main road in southwest Queensland to asses the conservation values or roadside vegetation potentially affected by roadworks. During this process we collected detailed information concerning vegetation types, rare flora populations, threatened fauna habitats and weed infestations.


The road networks along which BOOBOOK have conducted surveys include:

  • Leichhardt Highway (Miles – Taroom)
  • Warrego Highway (Charleville – Miles via Roma & Mitchell)
  • Landsborough Highway (Morven – Augathella)
  • Mitchell Highway (Barringun – Augathella via Cunnamulla, Wyandra & Charleville)
  • Carnarvon Highway (St George – Carnarvon Range via Surat, Roma & Injune)


Other projects completed include:

  • Toowoomba Bypass (Second Range crossing) fauna surveys
  • Road Corridor Environmental Assessments (RCEA) throughout western Queensland
  • Ecological assessments of project areas including the Warrego and Barwon Highways
  • Flora and fauna survey of Toowoomba-Karara Road (Leyburn)
  • Mapping vegetation and plant species of conservation interest
  • Preparation of interpretive signage for environmentally significant roadside areas including the Warrego Highway and Roma-Injune Road.

Department of Environment and Science

  • Leading partner in a co-operative research project on Yakka Skink and Dunmall’s Snake habitat preferences
  • Assisted with fauna surveys for a farm biodiversity project in the Maranoa region of Queensland

Local Government

Boobook has provided environmental awareness training for Council staff using the results of the field surveys

BOOBOOK’s intimate knowledge of southern inland Queensland has been applied to many shire council projects including:

  • Ecological assessments for numerous quarries within the Maranoa region
  • Fauna spotting within local council road corridors and the Roma town flood levee project area
  • Flying-fox camp management at Surat
  • Fauna removals and management advice within urban areas, construction sites and airports
  • Weed surveys on council land

Other Organisations

Regional Natural Resource Groups

BOOBOOK has worked with natural resource groups including the Queensland Murray Darling Committee, South West Natural Resource Management and Landcare groups.  We have helped these groups and landholders with:

Biodiversity Assessments
  • Identification of flora, fauna and regional ecosystem types/vegetation communities
  • Documentation of wetlands and springs
  • Reporting on and mapping findings to assist with property management and project funding
  • Development of management recommendations
  • Conducted on a range of land tenures including private properties, stock routes, camping and water reserves
Educational Field Days
  • Presentations relating to flora, fauna, vegetation communities and biodiversity management
Threatened Fauna / Flora Surveys
  • Targeted surveys for threatened species
  • Habitat and likelihood of occurrence assessments
Interpretative Materials
  • Text and photographs for interpretative signage
  • Production of booklets, posters and brochures
  • Preparation of property maps showing roads, tracks, trails, fence lines, dames, bores, stock yards and other property infrastructure
  • Show an inventory of features, assets and areas of high conservation value
Shire Biodiversity Audits

BOOBOOK has undertaken audits of the biodiversity values of camping and water reserves, stock routes and shire roads within parts of the Maranoa Regional Council, formerly encompassing the Booringa and Warroo Shires. These audits have identified ecosystems, wetlands, pests and fauna/flora values as well as providing a snapshot of current condition. Often the vegetation within stock routes, reserves and roads represents some of the last intact vegetation and wildlife habitats within heavily cleared parts of these landscapes. These audits contribute information to ensure the environmental values of these reserves and stock routes are identified and appropriately managed.

Traditional Owner Groups

BOOBOOK has been privileged to undertake work with Indigenous groups such as the Kooma Traditional Owners Inc and Bidjara Traditional Owners.


Within landscapes that contain rich natural and cultural heritage values we have undertaken:

  • Fauna and flora surveys (including weeds)
  • Biodiversity assessments of Traditional lands
  • Vegetation monitoring and mapping
  • Preparation of flora / fauna identification guides
  • Assisted with property management planning and funding submissions
  • Provided natural resource training

Other Ecological Consulting Companies

We have provided project support to other ecological consulting companies including working on the Surat Basin Rail Corridor alignment options, threatened species searches and vegetation assessments.

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