Agricultural Sector

BOOBOOK works with land owners and managers to provide:
  • Private property biodiversity surveys
    • identification of flora, fauna and regional ecosystem types/vegetation communities
    • documentation of wetlands and springs
    • reporting on and mapping findings to assist with property management and project funding
    • development of management recommendations
  • Protected Plant surveys
    • Threatened flora surveys within areas of ‘Blue Circles’ on High Risk Flora Survey Trigger maps
    • Preparation of reports for submission to government for permitting purposes
  • Weed surveys
    • Baseline surveys
    • Mapping of the extent of individual weeds
    • Pre- and post-construction weed surveys
  • Property Map of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV) assessments
    • Desktop and field assessments associated with state government regional ecosystem mapping
    • Preparation of reports and associated mapping and spatial data for submission to government to support PMAV applications
  • Property Mapping
    • Preparation of property maps showing roads, tracks, trails, fence lines, dams, bores, stock yards and other property infrastructure

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