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BOOBOOK has been commissioned to undertake several projects focusing on threatened species of reptile including:

  • Habitat preferences of Yakka Skink (Egernia rugosa) and Dunmall’s Snake (Furina dunmalli)
  • Distribution and habitat of White-throated Snapping Turtle (Elseya albagula) within the Eurombah Creek drainage.


In addition BOOBOOK undertakes its own private research including:

  • Land snails within vine thickets, woodlands and grasslands of the Brigalow Belt Bioregion including the detection of many new species and collation of new location and habitat data for rare species such as Boggomoss Snail (Adclarkia dawsonensis), Dulacca Woodland Snail (Adclarkia dulacca) and Brigalow Woodland Snail (Adclarkia cameroni)
  • Flora and fauna surveys with our Ecotour partners on private properties.

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