Snake Relocation

Got a snake in the cupboard, car or laundry? BOOBOOK offers a snake catching and removal service within the Roma / Maranoa area of southern inland Queensland
Snakes are magnificent native Australian creatures, however leave them to the experts to remove

Snakes invariably find their way into areas they are not be wanted.  Ways you can reduce the likelihood of encounters around the home, school, office, workshop or farm environment include:

  • Keep grass mown around houses, sheds and other buildings.
  • Where possible reduce the number of places snakes may hide – tidy up wood/branch piles, sheets of tin, old car bodies and other rubbish.
  • Avoid leaving rubbish, animal feed and food scraps out that attract rats and mice which in turn attract snakes.
  • Aviaries, chicken pens and ceiling spaces also attract snakes looking for food.  Block holes and use fine wire mesh to prevent snakes from gaining access.

If you do have an unwanted snake visiting your home or yard, our trained staff can assist in the identification, capture and relocation of your uninvited reptile guest. We mainly service the Roma town area but on request can attend to callouts in neighboring towns and properties.


We hold a Damage Mitigation Permit issued by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science. This license allows us to remove and relocate snakes if they pose a safety risk.


Fees apply for our snake catching service. Remember, not all snakes are dangerous so please call us with your enquiry and we will endeavor to assist.

Unfortunately we can’t always guarantee their capture. They may disappear down a hole, under an inaccessible building or be gone before our snake catcher arrives.  To help with their capture however here are some things you can do:

  • Keep watching the snake, so that when we arrive we know where it is and can catch it as quickly as possible.
  • Isolate and contain the snake, if you can do so safely, by closing it in a room and blocking off escape holes and door gaps with a rolled up towel.
  • Keep calm. Keep noise, vibrations and movement to a minimum as this will assist the snake to calm down and not get aggressive.
  • Keep children, bystanders and pets away.
What should I do if I see a Snake?


Don’t panic. Back away to a safe distance and allow the snake to move away by itself.  Snakes will usually try to escape when disturbed.


Don’t try to kill the snake or interfere with it, as that’s when most people get bitten.  Fast movement and lots of commotion (waving arms & legs, running around and screaming) could provide the snake, so stay calm.


If the snake is in your house keep watching it but keep well clear of it.  Try to create a direct exit route out of the house for the snake by closing off other rooms and cupboards.  Block gaps underneath doors with rooled up towelds and open up external doors to create a direct escape route.  If it doesn’t leave call a snake catcher.

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