Technical Reviews

Our senior staff are invited members of many technical expert panels.
We are often the company of choice for technical advice to take part in meetings with federal government permitting officials.
To Know You Will Get it Right....Use BOOBOOK

Due to the experience of our staff BOOBOOK has often been asked to provide third party technical and peer reviews. Examples include:


  • Australia Pacific LNG Environmental Impact Statement Terrestrial Ecology chapters
  • Arrow Energy’s Bowen Gas Project Fauna Habitat Mapping and Modelling
  • Origin Energy’s Threatened Fauna Habitat Modelling Methodology
  • Santos Gas Field Development EIS (Threatened Species and Habitat Mapping)
  • Threatened species profiles
  • Threatened species nomination and reviews (e.g. EPBC Act listing of the Dulacca Woodland Snail, Brigalow Woodland Snail).


Our senior staff have been invited members of technical expert panels including the Department of Environment and Science Back on Track II, BAMM bioregional conservation planning programs and threatened species recovery teams (e.g. Brigalow Belt Reptiles).

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