Vegetation Surveys

Our staff can prepare vegetation maps which identify plant communities in an area. These maps are based on an examination of aerial and/or satellite imagery and a field inspection to ground truth and refine vegetation boundaries.

Why Conduct Vegetation Surveys


Accurate mapping of vegetation types/regional ecosystems can be used for the following purposes:

  • To be confident you have identified plant communities and regional ecosystem types correctly prior to clearing under Queensland’s vegetation self-assessment clearing codes.
  • Identify vegetation types to assist with management on your land.
  • Identifying potential biodiversity offset potential of vegetation patches.
  • Outline and showcase the environmental significance and values of a property for environmental accreditation, property sale and product branding.

Vegetation surveys are undertaken at a variety of scales ranging from individual properties to landscape scale assessments depending on the nature of the project.

Prepared maps can include state government regional ecosystems and Threatened Ecological Communities identified under the federal EPBC Act.


In addition to vegetation maps a comprehensive report can be produced that fulfils all client requirements. Generally reports will contain the results of desktop assessments (e.g. previous studies, database searches), on-ground survey results including maps) and any relevant recommendations.

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Our Past Experience


BOOBOOK’s ecologists have conducted hundreds of assessments which have required vegetation maps.  These include:

  • Mapping of Threatened Ecological Communities (e.g. Brigalow) for coal seam gas infrastructure projects and biodiversity offsets.
  • Ground-truthed regional ecosystem maps at the property and site scale for coal seam gas projects and farmers.
  • Vegetation maps for linear infrastructure projects including powerlines, pipelines and roads.

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