Weed Surveys

BOOBOOK staff are highly skilled at detecting weeds declared under state legislation, Weeds of National Significance and other plants considered of agricultural or environmental pest significance.

Why Conduct Weed Surveys

Surveys for weeds are an ever-present challenge for the agricultural, mining and government sectors, both in managing existing weeds and guarding against the appearance of new ones. Access to markets for farm produce, and even quarry materials, can depend on weed-free status. The success of weed control or quarantine activity can only be measured by monitoring programs. Sometimes, it’s good to get a baseline inventory of weeds, for example when neighbouring activities like coal seam gas development may increase the risk of entry of weeds to your property.


We can perform baseline surveys, either as ‘one off’ surveys or as part of a regular monitoring program. We can develop a weed monitoring program to suit your needs and timed to maximise the detection of weeds to allow appropriate management responses to be implemented.


Multiple surveys may be undertaken at a site to account for seasonal variability in weed species composition and abundance.

Our Past Experience

BOOBOOK has been conducting weed inventory and monitoring for many years, and for a wide range of clients, including those in the agriculture sector. We are familiar with high-risk invasive species like Parthenium and Giant Rat’s Tail Grass.


Having conducted hundreds of weed surveys our staff are experienced in detecting and identifying weeds under all seasonal conditions, including times when the plants may not be showing distinguishing features such as flowers and fruit.


Our weed survey experience includes:

  • Grazing/farming properties: baseline or targeted surveys for numerous landholders/managers
  • Powerline easements: post-construction surveys for Powerlink
  • Targeted weed surveys for infrastructure sites within coal seam gas fields
  • Pre-construction surveys of pipeline corridors including the GLNG Gas Transmission pipeline, Eurombah-Reedy Creek Interconnect (ERIC) pipeline and Spring Gully – Gooimbah Lateral pipeline
  • Numerous quarry sites within southern inland Queensland for local council and construction companies

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