Meet The Team

Let us introduce you to the Boobook Team

Craig Eddie


Director and Principal Ecologist

With over 25 years of field experience as an ecologist, Craig’s encyclopaedic knowledge of fauna, flora, vegetation and landscape management is highly regarded within government, industry, the scientific and local community. Craig has extensive experience in:

  • Ecological assessments within the coal seam gas and construction industry including wells, flowlines, gas plants, major pipelines roads, dams and power lines.
  • Pre-clearance surveys for animal breeding places, rare and threatened flora/fauna, special least concern flora and weeds.
  • Whole property or landscape level biodiversity assessments.
  • Third party technical reviews.
  • Remote area field work.
  • Land snail identification.

His collections of numerous specimens including land snails, reptiles, frogs, scorpions, burrowing cockroaches, spiders, slaters, fairy shrimps and plants are lodged with the Queensland Museum, Queensland Herbarium and other national and international institutions.

Richard Johnson


Senior Ecologist

Richard has over 40 years of experience in the field of fauna and flora surveys, including detecting, trapping and the safe handling of a diversity of terrestrial vertebrates throughout Queensland. Richard has extensive experience in:

  • Field survey and reporting for ecological assessments, fauna surveys and pre-clearance ecological scouting.
  • Fauna identification and survey.
  • Reviews of threatened species habitat assessment methodologies.
  • Environmental management advice to government agencies, NGOs, industry and private clients particularly within southern inland Queensland.
  • Whole-of-property vegetation, wetland and conservation constraints assessment.
  • Scientific and technical report writing.
  • Flora identification and regional ecosystem mapping.

Meryl Eddie


Business Manager

Meryl has a strong natural resource, community engagement and strategic planning background. Within the past 25 years Meryl has worked in regional Queensland for community groups, local and state government agencies, a large integrated energy company and successfully run her own businesses. She has also chaired many community committees and is currently a Board Member of the Outback Queensland Tourism Association. Her experience includes:

  • Development of numerous planning documents such as Business and Strategic Plans along with specific documents like local government Pest and Stock Route Management Plans
  • Formed and facilitated many community workshops including regional wild dog management strategy and research projects, Parthenium policy and water use efficiency projects.
  • Development and implementation of various community programs and events
  • Rural Property and Business Management
  • Natural resource management and planning
  • Financial planning and human resources
  • Marketing
  • Safety Management
  • Fauna Spotting Catching

Rosamund Aisthorpe

051A0001 (4)


Rose graduated in 2009 from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Science (Botany). With her extensive knowledge in the fields of biology, environmental and natural sciences, Rosamund is a valued BOOBOOK employee. Her experience includes:

  • Surveying vegetation communities as part of ecological assessments.
  • Threatened flora surveys
  • Regional Ecosystem identification and mapping.
  • Identification of agricultural and environmental weeds.
  • Native plant identification.
  • BioCondition assessments.
  • Protected Plants (blue circle) flora surveys
  • Field collection, preservation and submission of botanical specimens for both the BOOBOOK and Queensland Herbarium.
  • GIS mapping of surveyed sites for technical reports.

Lynda Hardwick


GIS Officer / Field Assistant

Lynda has over 35 years working with and engaging rural communities and over 10 years of isolated and remote area field work experience.  Lynda assists with flora and fauna surveys and habitat, waterway and land condition assessments.  She has expertise in:

  • Data management
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Natural resource management and planning
  • Property planning
  • Land condition assessment and monitoring
  • Waterway and water quality assessment and monitoring
  • Pest management

Elizah Swan


Administration Officer

Elizah has had a wide range of administration experience and prides herself on her excellent organisational skills.  In her role with BOOBOOK, Elizah provides administration assistance to the flora and fauna team on a day to day basis.

  • Development and maintenance of company registers, safety management systems and databases
  • Time collection and project administration
  • Journey, car hire and accommodation management
  • Maintenance  of herbarium catalogue and reference library, pressing and scanning of specimens and assist with preparing samples to be sent to the Queensland Herbarium
  • Management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and uniforms, safety meetings and organisation of staff training
  • Reception duties
  • Marketing,  social media and website maintenance

Julia Proud


Field Technician

Julia is currently studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology at the University of New England. While undergoing a conservation internship in 2016 within Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica, Julia gained biological assessment surveying and identification experience in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Her role in BOOBOOK includes:
• Providing technical assistance with flora and fauna surveys
• Field data recording
• Vegetation mapping
• Specimen collection/curation
• Databasing